Autism Intensive Communication Academy


The Autism Intensive Communication Academy at Blue Lakes Elementary was established in 2009 by the superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Mr. Albert Carvalho, as the first specialized choice school in the county. The Academy was established to provide a supportive and caring environment for the families and students with Autism Spectrum Disorders within a regular school setting.

The Autism Intensive Communication Academy at Blue Lakes Elementary was established to meet the following unique needs of students and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as staff working them:

  • Create and maintain a family friendly setting within a regular school site by training all on-site personnel, and offering parent education workshops.
  • Provide model classrooms to serve students with Autism Spectrum Disorders both in separate class and inclusive settings, thereby facilitating research and training opportunities for teachers and others, while implementing students’ Individualized Education Plans.
  • Focus on the communication needs of the student with Autism Spectrum Disorders and utilize best practices, research and technology to address those needs.
  • Demonstration and training site to adapt new research based methods and technologies. 

For more information regarding specific criteria for admission and application information, please contact the school principal.

Autism Parent Support Group:

Meetings will be led by clinical staff who are experienced in addressing the needs of families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Autism Community Resource Center: 
5555 SW 93 Ave, Trailer 1 Miami, FL 33165
RSVP: Ms. Kendall Elias (305) 275-9801
Space is limited.
Call or email to reserve your space.