Rainy Day Procedures

Each parent and child should develop a plan for rainy day dismissal. Because of the limited availability of phones, the plan should not be “call home.” Pre-K and Kindergarten students are to be picked up in their classrooms. First grade students will be dismissed from the First-Grade wing. If rainy/stormy weather occurs during dismissal time, second through fifth grade students will be held in the cafeteria until a parent or authorized adult comes into the main building by the front entrance to pick them up. Parents will not be allowed to come into the cafeteria by the back entrance of the cafeteria (faculty parking lot). The private buses will be stationed in the faculty parking lot to pick up students only. Also, please remember that dismissal during rainy days can be hectic. We must all be patient and considerate of others. The most important consideration is the safety of our children. Students will not be allowed to walk home alone when it is thundering.

rainy day