Uniform Policy

School Uniforms are mandatory. 

List of Approved Garments: Skirts, Culottes, Pants, Bermuda shorts in BEIGE or GREEN (No leggings allowed) (Green plaid for girls sold at Uniform stores). “POLO” style shirts in the following color choices: WHITE, GREEN, or YELLOW.

Shirts must be plain or may display the Royal Green logo (Optional and available only at Uniform stores). Shirts must not be oversized. Shirts must be worn tucked inside the skirt or pants. NO HOODIES Allowed.

Shoes must be “closed toe” with backs (no sandals) with soles appropriate for recreation. Dark color shoes or sneakers (black, brown, navy, dark gray) are recommended. Socks are required.

On cold days, sweaters, jeans and sweatshirts may be worn that comply with the uniform colors. Uniform stores provide the school with economical “packages” for parents to choose from. NO HOODIES Allowed.