Arrival / Dismissal Procedures

School Hours

The school day begins at 8:20am for Pre-K through 1st grade, and 8:35 am for 2nd through 5th grade. There is paid Before School Care Program beginning at 7:15 a.m. to supervise students. Students who are not enrolled in the Before School Care Program may not be dropped off before 7:30am as there is no supervision available.

Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and first grade students are dismissed at 1:50 p.m. daily. Second through fifth grade students are dismissed at 3:05 p.m. daily with the exception of Wednesday. Wednesday’s dismissal time is 1:50 p.m. for all grades. It is most important that the person responsible for picking up the child is at school at the time of dismissal. The school cannot assume responsibility for children after the dismissal time unless the child is involved in the said After School Care Program that is available until 6:00 p.m. If before or after care supervision is needed, please call the aftercare office at: (305) 223-5127 for information.

Bus drop off/pick up: Buses will load in front of the school (SW 47th Street) in a designated monitored area.

Parent drop off/pick up: Is on SW 129 Ct. Only!


PK-1st: Every day 1:50 p.m.

2nd -5th                                                                                 
Mon., Tues., Thurs.., Fri. 3:05 p.m.                               
Wed.: 1:50 p.m.
On Wednesdays, the oldest siblings may be picked up with the youngest siblings.

Drive through: Parents will drive into the main teachers’ parking lot on 129 Ct.

We are requesting that for the first day of dismissal parents place a sign with the student’s name and teacher name on the car’s dashboard. On 8/17/23, teachers will provide students with a sign for the car’s dashboard. *Cars are not allowed to park in the drop off area.

PK- Kindergarten: Parents will park and walk to the Parking Lot gate 1 and then gate 2 in the KG building (SW 47 St.).  Parents will be directed to the PK and K classrooms. Students will be picked up in front of their classrooms. Teachers will dismiss students to the authorized guardian.

First-Second grade:    Parents will park and walk to the main entrance of the school (follow signs) by pencils.  Parents will not be allowed to enter the building. Teachers will dismiss students from the building to the authorized guardian.


Students who walk home must provide teachers a written and signed consent from parents. Please be advised that student walkers will not be allowed to walk home during rainy days.

Before and After School Care Program

Royal Green has both Before and After School Care Programs for children in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth. Before Care is offered on regular school days between the hours of 7:15- 8:15 a.m., Story Hour is from 1:50- 3:00 p.m. and After School Care is from 1:50- 6:00 p.m. The cost is $4 per day for Before School Care, $4 for Story Hour and $8 ($7 for free and reduced lunch students) per day for After School Care Program. These fees must be paid in advance every month. Payments must be done online by accessing the application FOCUS through the Parent Portal. One day drop-off of non-enrolled students is not permitted.

Children may participate in either one or both programs if they are cooperative, their fees are paid, and they are dropped off no earlier than 7:00 a.m. or picked up no later than 6:00 p.m. For more information please contact (305) 223-5127.


Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade students arriving on or after 8:20 a.m., and Second Grade through Fifth Grade students arriving on or after 8:35 am and not seated in their seats are considered tardy; therefore, they must report to the Main Office accompanied by an adult to secure an admit. These students will be marked tardy and there will be consequences for excessive unexcused tardies. Tardies become part of a child’s permanent record. Excessive tardies may result in consequences to include loss of privileges, detention, and/or parent conference. We ask for your cooperation in assisting your child in getting to school on time. Being on time is a habit your child should develop now to carry throughout life.